PJEG has four specialty small business programs.

1. Entrepreneur

2. Womenpreneur

3. Millennialpreneur 

4. Kidpreneur

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Document Shredding

Our document shredding services for small business, nonprofits and education institutions, document destruction services eliminates risks of data getting into the wrong hands.  Learn More...

Pemberton Jones

Education group 

**PJEG  does not provide legal, financial, accounting or human resource advice.  We recommend that you seek such licensed professionals in those areas to ensure that decisions made pertaining to those areas and the operations of your organization are done with the most accurate and compliant information that is available.  PJEG is a consulting firm only.  We do not guaranty outcomes of our services or recommendations provided during the time of consultation and/or coaching.  We ONLY guarantee that we will deliver services agreed upon.   If approval is required from a third party agency, we do not guarantee their approval.  PJEG information and fees are subject to change. and are only final with a written agreement between PJEG (Service Provider) and the Consumer.



Our founder and president is an advocate for Adult Education Literacy.  PJEG created a scholarship to pay for an individual who wants to obtain their GED. Learn More...


​​PJEG offers 20+ years of education management experience, nonprofit and entrepreneur expertise.  We specialize in capacity buildingand business development for small businesses, nonprofits, career colleges, ministries and churches.  

Our services include: business & nonprofit registration; business and marketing plan development; capital campaigns and funding strategies; board, staff and volunteer training; and compliant strategies and compliant document shreddingand more...   

Workshops & Training

Our workshops and training provide essentials tools needed to start up and grow an organization. Learn More...


Small Business Grant

Our small business grants will be awarded twice per year (Feb/Sept) for a small business. Apply Now by Dec. 28th.  Learn More...


Nonprofit Fundraiser Friday

Our fundraiser is easy and fun. On scheduled Fridays, individuals an shred their documents and part of the proceeds will be donated to their choice of nonprofit. Learn More...


Signing Agent and Notary

This service is provided to individuals, mortgage or title companies who need legal or real estate documents notarized. Learn More...

​​Smartpreneur and Womenpreneur Small Business Owners Grants

PJEG Smartpreneur Small Business Grant: PJEG has launched a new initiative to award small business grants to a small businesses and nonprofits founded by an entrepreneur like you. Deadline to apply for the February Small Business Grant is December 28, 2018 APPLY NOW!...

Call now for services: 1-972-499-5229

​PJEG has three specialty nonprofit programs:

1. Community Base

2. Faith Base

​3. Churches

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PJEGhas four specialty education programs:

1. Career Schools & Colleges

2. Christian Education

3. Curriculum Development

4. Education Publishing

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